To commemorate the lives of folks dear to us, but also to assist those friends and family members that are very far apart ... with sharing, comfort and healing.

About us: Birth from Death

Online Memorial Gardens was conceived from a shared loss.
A brother for one of us, and the intended life long partner for the other. Distance separated us, as did financial constraints. In an attempt to commemorate his life, and share something with the family so far away, a "Memorial Page" was created to honor his memory. There were other family members that for the same reasons, could not attend the services; some even out of the country. However, through the online Memorial Page, all were able to meet, grieve, feel included and consoled. So much was shared among us, stories that some of us never heard, remembrances of things forgotten and the feeling of unity was amazing. We realized that although grief was very natural and necessary, it was so much more important to CELEBRATE the fact that he lived!!! Remembering how he touched our hearts, minds, bodies and souls, brought much comfort and even happiness.
THAT is what is important ... the remembering. We also realized that Love is in the heart, not in the tears.
There were so many comments about the page, and how it helped bring comfort that we decided to offer this service to the world.

We have made special arrangements to provide you with assistance in building pages and writing verse. Designs by Mary will provide special discounts for our bereaved referrals to design quality pages or sites according to the wishes of the family. They have several packages available, and will happily customize their efforts for your special needs.
They will also compose lovely eulogies and commemoratives depicting the highlights, events and special accomplishments of the loved one's time on earth that otherwise might have gone unnoticed or forgotten. Again, special discounts are available for our referrals. We highly recommend these services, and they're folks that have a heart.
For folks who truly can't afford this service, and meet special guidelines, we offer free services as donations allow.

We hope, through the technology provided by the Internet, that we have assisted in providing folks with what was for us, a saving grace, a way to unite all of us who experience a loss to grieve, mourn and permanently celebrate the life that was so dear.







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