Here are some words from some kind folks who took a moment to let us know what they thought of us.

Mon, 30 Aug 1999 17:59:56 GMT
"What a beautiful memory place you have made online... I am sorry for your loss ~ I am sure your sight will give great comfort to a lot of people that would like to have the memory of their loved one's for always, to share... I hope for you enormous success in helping others to find comfort " ~Michele
Thank you Michele, we plan to do just that for a long, long time :-)

Tuesday, 07-Sep-1999 22:08:54 Message: writes: "I am a stranger that could never say anything to help you deal with your loss. I must say that I have never been touched by such a memorial that shows just how much one man was loved and adored [Donald Crawford, A-E]. The strength you show in preparing and maintaining such a site is unbelievable. I cry for you and your families as the pain you are feeling is expressed online and for that this mans spirit will always be alive. I thank you for showing us just how much the love of a family can be shown. Take care and I am hoping that you are living with the memories of smiling and laughing other than of sorrowful times. Which I already believe that you are. Thanks again for sharing." Tracey from Ca.
Thank YOU Tracey, for your kind words and sentiments! :-)

If you have been touched by this site please take a moment and let us know. Thanks.


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