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Truly a service who's time has come.

You may donate in your own name, or the name of a loved one.
Suggested donation per rose is $1.00, however, we will gratefully accept more should you
find yourself in a financial position to offer it.

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Memorial Roses

George J. Wellman - 6/5/94 Helen C. Wellman -5/18/97 Anton Vormittag Stella Lewandoski -Vormittag
Edward Lewandoski, Sr. Stella Lewandoski Joseph Lewandoski Michalena Lewandoski
John Bender
Cecelia Lewandoski -Bender
William Wellman, Sr.
Lillian Wellman
Gladys Wellman -Clark
Florence Kuczmarski
Donald R. Crawford
Ella Miller
Minnie Crawford Mitzie Crawford James Miller Fr. Conrad LaForrest
Brenda Burlock - 6/1994 Stella Sanzano - 4/22/1987 Louis K. Burris Nell Lyons
Emil F. Pendergrace Floyd Miller Byron Clow, Jr. Robert E. Huling
William Wellman, Jr. Anna Seibert -Wellman Anne Kleinmeier Eugene Kleinmeier
Jean H. Merwa -Whitehead -10/25/05 Jonathan Christopher Carol Ann Gibson Andrew Wick
Faye Robbins David Terrance Fitzpatrick - 11/24/09 Ralph McInerny Reverend Louis A. Soucey - 9/5/10
Ramon Totengco - 10/20/10 Peter Lyon - 9-11-10 Sharon (Crawford) Allan 1/12/07 John Girard - 10/21/10
Emil Sanzano - 2006 Brian C. Lamountain - 9/13/11 Richard L. Dodge 4/3/2015 Bernard Pierce 2016
Linda Diane Busch William M. Chimick 2/22/2016 Rene L. Jodoin 5/12/16 Carlton G. Bragg 9/1/2016
Margery Brown - 5/15/17 Beth Peeling 8/22/17 Mary Blanchard 2/24/18
Memorial Prayer for the
Suffering Souls in Purgatory

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