To commemorate the lives of folks dear to us, but also to assist those friends and family members that are very far apart ... with sharing, comfort and healing.

Online Memorial Gardens offers a permanent cyberspace residency for friends and family, unlike similar services on 'free pages', we pay for our space and will not be gone with the wind. We have committed to this endeavor in memory of our loved ones and will be around when others are gone.

If you stop to consider how really convenient it is, and how folks from all over can come together in one place, albeit cyberspace, the value of this service is priceless. Some folks are unable to visit the Cemetery, for one reason or another ... and this is so much nicer. Reading about your loved one, seeing pictures, hearing music and optional voice clips is much more comforting than standing in a Cemetery. Especially when it's available to anyone in the world at any time of the day or night. Now there is somewhere to go when grief-stricken in the middle of the night for comfort and healing without leaving the house.

Our Services are FREE p us maintservice going ... we thank you ahead of time!
If you wish, you may send us your HTML and we will host your page. We have also made special arrangements with Designs by Mary to assist you in your memorial page at reduced rates for those who are not well versed in page building and writing verse. We offer a FREE BUDGET page ... should you require anthything more there will be a charge as noted on the above link.

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